40 Acts for Lent- Living Generously

I’m a day or two late here, but just found out from a friend about the ’40 acts’ challenge for lent, from Stewardship. It gives daily reflections and simple challenges to carry out each day to encourage us to live generously and compassionately.

As a family, we have not tended in the past to ‘do Lent’ in a big way, but we have sometimes used Lent prayer guides in the run up to Resurrection Sunday (Easter), including those produced by charities and designed to get us in the ‘giving mood’. However, this is the first time I think that I have seen practical challenges to complete for Lent, so I am looking forward to this.

You can see the trailer for the 40 acts challenge here:

Please let me know if you decided to sign up to 40 acts, and what you did…

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