Beginner’s Sewing Project: Oven Gloves

Repurposed jeans into Oven Gloves - An Island Family By Grace



Having burnt my arm twice in the past fortnight while taking things out of the oven, now seemed like a good time to make some new oven gloves!

I have made a glove for using with our woodburning stove before, so I stuck with what I had already practiced, and used the same gauntlet shape for these oven gloves.

Embarrassingly, here are the oven gloves I made a few years ago, and have been managing to burn myself whilst using recently:

Old Oven Gloves ~ An Island Family By Grace

My old oven gloves

As you can see, they are the type which are joined together, which I find awkward when lifting the ‘crock’ out of my slow cooker, as the strap of material gets stuck under the ‘on’ switch.

They also do not cover my wrists or lower arms, hence the recent burns.

I have used two layers of denim to make the new oven gloves below, as it is so thick, and we had some old pairs of jeans lying around, so that made the project nice and cheap!

So, without further waffling, here are the instructions for a fellow beginner’s sewing project: oven gloves.

1. Draw a ‘mitten’ shape around your hand on your chosen material, leaving several inches between your hand and the line, to allow for hems, and people with bigger hands to use the gloves! If I was to make mine again, I would draw the gloves an inch wider than my wrists on each side, as they only just fit me.

I used chalk to draw the lines, as I was using denim.

#Re-purpose Jeans to #Oven #Gloves - An Island Family By Grace


2. Cut out the fabric, and draw round it to make an identical cut out, so that you can have a double layer of fabric for the top side of the glove. Pin these 2 layers together.

3. Taking another piece of your fabric, turn it wrong side up, and repeat steps 1 and 2 to make the 2 layers of the bottom side of the glove. Pin these two layers together.

4. Place the top and bottom sides of the glove against each other, outside in, using the pins you already have to pin them together.

Beginner's #Sewing Project - #Oven #Gloves

6. Sew the glove together, leaving a 1-2 cm ( 1/4 inch) between the stitching and the edge of the fabric.  If you are using denim like I did, using a sewing machine will be easier than sewing by hand. Leave the wrist end open, so you will be able to put your hand in!

You can use a loop of fabric sewn into the hem to make a hook to hang the glove up on. I used some of the original hem of the pair of jeans I was cutting up.

Beginner's #Sewing Project: #Oven #Gloves ~ An Island Family By Grace

Remember to go over your stitching at each end to prevent your stitches coming undone.

7. Turn your glove the right way out, and it is ready to use.

#Homemade #Oven #Gloves - An Island Family By Grace

8. Repeat the whole process with your other hand if you are making oven gloves for both hands.

If you would like to see my previous Beginner’s Sewing Projects, you can have a look at them here.

Have you been sewing anything over the summer? Please let me know in a comment.

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2 Comments on “Beginner’s Sewing Project: Oven Gloves

  1. Great job! I love how versatile denim is. The Farmer is always bummed to wear a pair out, but it’s like Christmas to me 🙂 . Oven gloves…now on the list!
    Deborah recently posted…Kale: Saving Your SeedsMy Profile

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