Our Big Move

As I have mentioned on my About page, as of 2015 we will be an ‘island family!’ After more than a decade living in the same town in central Scotland, we are moving to one of the Scottish islands. This is one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog- to document this new chapter in our family’s life, and to allow family and friends to ‘see’ what we are up to for themselves.

Photo by WisdomSeekingScot

Photo by WisdomSeekingScot


We are very excited about the move, and after having spent the past eight weeks with my parents, who have been kind enough to put up with six extra people in their house, we are looking forward to starting our new adventure. It has been a blessing for us to be able to spend time over Christmas with them, and my 93 year old grandmother.

Now that the moving date is fast approaching, I am looking forward to having our own things back out of boxes, and into our new house. I have benefitted from some moving day tips from other bloggers in this regard, and you can see my Pinterest board for Moving House here.

My favourite tip was to set aside a box clearly marked with ‘Open First’, ‘First Day Box’ or something similar, to be used for packing essentials such as the kettle, toaster, matches, towels, disposable cutlery, paper plates and suchlike. Maybe this would be a ‘no-brainer’ for most people, but I was glad of the idea, as although we have lived in three different houses in our current town, we were always just moving a few streets away with our own hired van, so there wasn’t too much stress about not able to find things/ not having enough time to find them before bedtime.

This time is different with almost all of our stuff being in storage for the past eight weeks, and a five hour drive to our new house, so I wanted to be prepared! Cue lots of list making, much to my husband’s amusement 🙂 I will write a separate post about my household planner, but for now I will just mention that I have added some pages to my planner which are specific to the house move: House Move To Do List, People to See Before Move, List to Buy Before Move and List of Items for my parents’ house.

Although I am not a naturally organised (or tidy!) person, I have found over the past couple of years that I manage much better if I have some sort of plan, as I am not likely to remember everything otherwise. The past week has been busy (in a nice way) with saying goodbye to lots of friends, so this week will wrap up with homeschool work, and visiting a few friends we have not yet seen, and of course, packing the things we have used over the eight weeks since our move to my parents’.


This is book which I ordered after Christmas, and so I had not included in my Reading List 2015.  Emilie Barnes’ book Simple Secrets to a Beautiful Home, has the subtitle ‘Creating a Place You and Your Family Will Love’. It has just arrived here, so obviously it is good timing for me! I hope to start reading in a couple of weeks’ time, but I think it is realistic that unpacking boxes and sorting out our new house will be the priority first!

Please feel free to add your favourite house moving tip in the comments below 🙂

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