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Our Island House and Garden Update 2017

This year my blog posts have been a lot fewer and farther between, mainly due to busy family life including a one year old! However, I wanted to give you a house and garden update for 2017. Since… Read More

The Season to be Realistic

I started writing this a month ago (on a piece of paper), as a post about our Advent plans for this year. Needless to say, I did not get round to publishing it or even typing it until… Read More

Our Baby at 5 Weeks Old!

It is hard to believe it, but here is a picture of our baby at 5 weeks old! The month has flown past, and our family is really enjoying getting to know our new little girl. Obviously I am… Read More

It’s a Girl!

My husband and I are delighted to announce that our fifth baby, a beautiful girl, was born last week! She was 7 pounds 14 ounces, and we are both very healthy. We are so thankful to God that… Read More

Week 38 Pregnancy Update

Lest you think that I have disappeared, or actually had our baby yet, I thought I’d better give you a week 38 pregnancy update! We have been busy with my parents and my sister and her family staying nearby, followed… Read More

Our Island Move – 18 Months On

It is now 18 months since we made our island move, and it seems like a lot has happened in that space of time! Firstly, my husband has completed a huge amount of renovation work on our house, mostly… Read More

Essential Oils – Learning More

One of my health goals for this year was to learn more about essential oils. As I said in my update in April, being pregnant has somewhat changed my health goals, however I have been feeling well enough… Read More

Traditional Foods of Scotland

According to a quote from comedian Mike Myers, “most Scottish cuisine is based on a dare”. If you are squeamish about organ meats and offal, the quote could apply to our ‘national dish’, haggis. However, traditional Scottish foods… Read More

Week 30 Pregnancy Update

I am glad to say that since my last pregnancy update at 21 and a half weeks, other than one episode, I have completely got over my ‘morning’ sickness! I was beginning to feel better then, and now I… Read More

Blessings of Island Life

In the past month, I think it could be safe to say that we have had more dry, sunny days than we had in the whole of 2015. The weather and the scenery have been really beautiful and… Read More

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