Home Education in Scotland FAQs

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Home education in Scotland

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This Home Education In Scotland FAQs article is adapted from one I previously wrote for Perth and Tayside Homeschoolers.

If you are considering homeschooling your child, or have just started home education, you may find the answers to these frequently asked questions helpful, particularly if you live in Scotland.

Q. Is it legal to educate my child at home?
Yes! Scots Law gives parents the duty to ensure that their children are educated, either by ‘attend[ing] a public school regularly or by other means.’ You can find more information on the legal aspects of home education in Scotland, and much more, on the Schoolhouse website here. You will find a lot of other helpful information on the left sidebar of their site.

Q. Will home educating cost me a lot of money?
No, it doesn’t have to. Home educating families are usually very resourceful at finding free or cheap curricula or learning experiences! Remember though, that small children in particular do not need many resources bought for them- everyday household objects, normal play and being read to by Mummy or Daddy is enough for a ‘preschooler’.
Here are links to UK Specific Home Education Resource Suppliers:
Icthus Resources – UK Christian home education resources from the Bird family.
Conquest Books – Home education books and resources, run by the Norman family.
Rainbow Books – UK supplier of books from the Maxwell family of titus2.com Run by the Walkingtons.
Of course there are lots of other ways to learn cheaply- local libraries, education resource centres, secondhand book shops, although it may be harder to find some books printed specifically for the homeschool market there. Many museums, castles and visitor attractions will give a discounted or free visit for educational purposes, if you phone in advance.Often the best way to find out about inexpensive homeschooling is to talk to other home educators who will have their own great tips! Here are a few ideas:

Abe Books – Secondhand books from the UK and US.

Alibris Books UK – Again secondhand books from both sides of the Atlantic.

Amazon – Sells secondhand books as well as new.

How We Homeschool for Next to Nothing – Article on Free Homeschool Deals site.

Here are links to good websites for free home education resources:

Free Homeschool Deals – Huge number of free resources for homeschooling families.
Donna Young Resources – Free homeschool planners, copywork sheets and much more.
Homeschool Freebie of the Day – Daily freebie link for home educators, run by the Erskine family. Subscribers to their weekly email get an extra Subscriber Exclusive each week.

Q. Where do I start?!
Here are a few links to sites with good ideas on beginning to home educate:Free Guide ‘How to Start Homeschooling’Design Your Homeschool7 Things a New Homeschool Mum Needs to Know

Q. I’ve heard there are different methods or approaches to homeschooling- can you tell me more?
One of the beauties of homeschooling is that you can choose the educational approach that suits your family and your child- you are not bound to a particular method or the National Curriculum (although some home educators choose to base their learning on this).
Rather than describe all the different approaches, here are some links to give you an idea:
Design Your Homeschool Approach from Design Your Homeschool
Homeschool Approaches from Homeschool.com

Q. Are there organisations for UK home educators?
Yes, there are links to some below, and you can find out about local homeschooling groups from them too.
Christian Home Education Support Service (formerly Home Service) – UK Christian Home Education organisation. Membership gives access to support, encouragement and legal advice for Christian homeschooling families, in addition to a newsletter, annual conference and homeschoolers holiday in Wales, borrowing library of H.E. books and optional academic testing for children.
Schoolhouse – Scottish Home Education organisation with lots of Scotland-specific information on education law, and how to proceed if you want to Home Educate your child in Scotland. Campaigns on Home Education issues in Scotland.
Education Otherwise – UK wide Home Education charity.
Deut 6v7 Yahoo Group – UK wide Yahoo Group for Christian Home Educators. Lots of opportunity for questions, advice, discussion and buying/ selling secondhand resources.

Q. Where can I see examples of what other UK home educators are doing?

Sarah at Delivering Grace blog has a list of UK home education blogs here.
Joining the Deut 6v7 Yahoo Group mentioned above allows you to post, read and take part in discussions with other UK homeschoolers.
You can download a free PDF version of this page to print out below, if you would like.

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