Homemade Toiletries- My First Attempts

Homemade Beauty Products - My First Attempts ~ An Island Family By Grace

One of our reasons for moving to the island last year was to become more self-sufficient. It took me a while, but in January this year I finally got round to making more of my own homemade toiletries. Whether this is truly self-sufficient is debatable, since the recipes often contain ingredients such as coconut oil, which obviously does not grow locally in Scotland! However, it also allows me to avoid putting so many petrochemicals onto our skin.

Hand Moisturiser

I started last year by making hand moisturiser, using a modified version of Jill Winger’s recipe from the Prairie Homestead. I add lavender essential oil to the moisturiser, which has a nice fragrance, and is also supposed to be soothing for the skin. I do find coconut oil a but greasy, but adding beeswax does help with this. In January this year, I began trying a slightly different version of the recipe, which includes olive oil, and turns out a bit more like a homemade version of Vaseline.

Homemade Beauty Products

Lip Balm

I have also been making lip balm since last summer, using Wellness Mama’s recipe, which has been quite successful. I have used mint as the flavour, which I like, and adding the beeswax ensures that it does not melt if we have the heating on. Notice that I did not say “If the weather gets too hot”!



Before the pregnancy sickness kicked in, I tried some new homemade toiletries recipes. The most successful has been homemade deodorant, which I made using this recipe from Joy of Artful Homemaking. I used peppermint essential oil, which I like, and this deodorant is far more effective than the commercial ‘aluminium free’ deodorant that I was buying, and a lot cheaper! Joy warns in her recipe that some people will be sensitive to the bicarbonate of soda in the recipe. I did find that my skin got a bit red and irritated for the first week that I was using it, but after having a break from it for a week, then going back to it, I have not had any further problems, and it is nice and fresh.

Homemade Beauty Recipes - An Island Family By Grace


Joy from Artful Homemaking also has a mint coconut toothpaste recipe, which I made in January. I am the only person in the family who uses this item. It takes a while to get used to the bicarbonate of soda texture, but I like it, and so far I have remembered not to spit it into the sink, so as not to clog the pipes with the coconut oil! When we visited the dentist about 3 weeks after I had started using it, my dentist said ” keep doing what you’re doing”, which was encouraging!

Shampoo and Conditioner

Finally, and I feel least successfully, I have tried making my own shampoo and conditioner. I had read quite a few posts by other bloggers who had experienced damage or drying out of their hair due to using the bicarbonate of soda ‘no poo’ technique (not a term I like, I have to admit!) I therefore tried recipes for shampoo and conditioner that did not include bicarbonate of soda, and were supposed to be pH balanced, but I did not manage to get past the greasy stage with my hair. Since the nausea starting with me being pregnant, I have gone back to buying an SLS-free shampoo (which I am mixing half and half with water in this foaming pump dispenser, to save money!), and also a shop-bought ‘natural’ conditioner, but when the nausea has gone, I would like to try making my own again, possibly from this No ‘Poo, No Grease recipe by Tiffany from Don’t Eat the Crumbs, as she talks about having the same problem with homemade shampoo causing greasiness.

Facial Moisturiser

The next homemade natural ‘beauty’ recipe I would like to try is for facial moisturiser. I have seen recipes for this which involve aloe vera gel, like this one at Say Not Sweet Anne, which  includes ingredients that I already have. I have bought some aloe vera gel with a voucher I was given for my birthday, in anticipation of making some facial moisturiser of my own!

Homemade Facial Moisturiser ~ An Island Family By Grace

You can also see my Pinterest Homemade Beauty Recipes board here.


Do you make your own homemade toiletries or beauty products? Or does it seem like too much hassle for you? If you have a recommendation for a shampoo, conditioner or moisturiser recipe, please let me know in a comment.

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12 Comments on “Homemade Toiletries- My First Attempts

  1. I’ve had some success with making lotions and a natural hair remover that worked great! Keep experimenting, sometimes you just need a tweak here or there to get it just right for your skin/hair type.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!
    daisy recently posted…Seed BombsMy Profile

    • Hi JES 🙂 Yes, I have long hair too, and I did not like the greasy look I got when I tried the first homemade shampoo recipe. However, I am hopeful that the one above will be successful!

  2. Hi Gwen,
    Regarding homemade shampoo and conditioner, I have used the no poo method as well in addition to using an apple cider vinegar rinse as a follow up conditioner. I’ve discovered tho, that it is helpful to do a detox for your hair before using to help rid your hair of all the silicones & other stuff commercial products leave on the hair. Info about this detox plus the recipe can be found on the “mommypotamus” website. I also found a wonderful hair conditioner on the “humble bee and me” website; it’s called: “olive oil & jojoba hair cond.” It really is lovely. On both those bloggers, you will find a wealth of info for all those toiletries you need for yourself & your family. Mommypotamus might be a bit xtra helpful being you have young ones — she’ll have more of the mommy type recipes that you might be looking for, including a very simple face moisturizer, but I think you would love them both! I hope that will help you with your toiletry making. 😊

  3. Just an added mention for those who have not had any success with “no poo” shampoo method, sometimes the culprit could be the “type” of baking soda your using. The commercial brands can be quite harsh. I found one that isn’t like that, plus any impurities & any detergent ingred have been removed. It’s from “mountain rose herbs”. Also a clay wash is wonderful. I actually switched over to that & like it even better. That recipe is on mommypotamus.
    Happy shampooing everyone!

    • Thanks Alisha 🙂 Yes, it’s a shame that natural products tend to be so expensive. The homemade baking soda recipe takes a bit of getting used to, but my teeth definitely feel the better for it.

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