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In Our Home Education Plans for 2015-2016, I mentioned that we use Singapore Maths (My Pals are Here), Teejay Mathematics, and IGCSE Mathematics for Edexcel. However, we also use some extra homeschool maths resources to reinforce maths learning in our family.

Free Curriculum

Most recently, we have been greatly blessed by the Maths curriculum Math Lessons for a Living Education (MLLE), which was offered free for a time by author Angela O’Dell, and is now available to buy in the UK from Icthus Resources, or elsewhere from Jelly Bean Jar Publications. As our remaining boxes from our move to the island have continued to be stored much longer than we initially expected, our 9 year old daughter has come to the end of another set of Singapore Maths ‘My Pals are Here’ textbooks and workbooks, despite me having brought an extra set for her to move on to!

The MLLE curriculum has been an excellent stopgap, and as it is a Charlotte Mason method inspired curriculum, our daughter has enjoyed the ongoing story of a missionary family that it includes, as well as related geography projects. Our 12 year old daughter has also benefitted from using MLLE to do some revision on perimeter and area. We have missed out any questions involving dollars and cents, and have changed temperature questions to Celsius rather than Farenheit, but other than that, it has been very helpful and enjoyable to use.

Homeschool Maths Resources - An Island Family By Grace

What Maths Lessons for a Living Education looks like also has thousands of maths worksheets on different maths topics which you can print out for free, and we have also benefitted from downloads about clocks by Math Mammoth, and Uno Sums by Krista at Teaching Momster, which we got as freebies through Educents. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and Currclick also often offer free curriculum downloads.

Homemade Maths Games

When we are using My Pals are Here, we are often required to play a game or two to reinforce some of the concepts. We have been able to make homemade versions of most of these games, which we keep in a plastic storage box to pass down to the next child who will be using that book. For example, we have made a geoboard, various spinners using a paper fastener/ split pin and card, and a balance, for simple weighing experiments. For younger children, everyday tasks such as measuring ingredients in the kitchen can also practice maths skills, and for older ones, doubling or tripling a recipe for a larger batch is also good practice. Allowing the children to pay and receive change when out shopping helps too.

Homeschool Maths Resources ~ An Island Family By Grace

Purchased Maths Games and Resources

We have bought some maths games, such as Times Tables Soundtracks, Your Number’s Up and Yahtzee. We have also previously bought a Times Tables song CD, although to be honest, it was very difficult to listen to (for us adults, at least!), so we gave up on that one, but I am open to more easy-to-listen-to suggestions, if you have them! I have heard good reviews of the Times Tales book, and Multiplication Wrap Ups game, but we have not tried them out as yet.

We have bought assorted multi-sided dice, which are used in some of the games in My Pals are Here, and for our 14 year old son, we have also bought the Money Matters Workbook for Teens, by Larry Burkett (11-14 edition). This has been developing his knowledge of keeping track of money, and balancing a bank account, and has been a good addition to the Starting a Micro Business for Teens book that I talked about in my Preparing for the Teen Years post. Most recently, our younger two daughters were given a sculpt your own Game Maker kit for Christmas, which involves some number skills games.

Homeschool Maths Resources - An Island Family By Grace

Online Maths Resources

We don’t often use the computer for maths, except maybe when the textbook calls for using the ‘Paint’ programme to draw geometric shapes, or make a table or spreadsheet, but of course there are lots of online maths resources available. For pre-school and primary-aged children, we have used BBC Bitesize online games and video clips, which have the bonus of being free from advertising.

The Singapore Maths Teacher has free online resources to reinforce problem solving, and the Personal Finance Education Group in the UK runs My Money Week challenges in June in year, for which you can access free online resources throughout the year.

Maths Hub also provides free online maths practice resources for the English Key Stage 3 (about age 11- 14), but you have to pay for other age levels, whereas Khan Academy is completely free.

These are some of the homeschool maths resources we use, but do you have any other recommendations? Also, which resources would you recommend for helping with multiplication table learning? Please let me know in a comment.

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10 Comments on “Homeschool Maths Resources

  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful suggestions here, Gwen! It is so lovely to meet you today and connect with someone in Scotland! I am so grateful for the kind comments you left on my blog, and I trust God will bless you and your family with the happiest and healthiest of New Years!

  2. What a treasure of information here Gwen! I am going to check out the MLLE. I have never heard of it but it sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing this past year on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. And we are so glad to have you start off 2016 with us. May your new year be blessed! Love, JES 🙂
    JES recently posted…A Frugal Yet Fanciful Life ~ Thrifty Thinking and DIY’sMy Profile

  3. This is great Gwen! We use singapore math also but I have been looking for some more resources. I always love hearing what works for other homeschoolers. My kids especially love math games so we will have to check those out. Thanks for sharing what has helped you in your homeschool!
    Rebekah recently posted…A Mother’s work is never doneMy Profile

    • You’re welcome Rebekah 🙂 Yes, our younger two in particular really like maths games, and are usually very pleased to do them. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Real great find on the Singapore maths. I didn’t know they offer free resources. We have been using Singapore math mixed in with the lessons from It’s being working pretty well for our 3rd and 5th grader. They seem to enjoy the online games too.

    • I’m not sure if they are the official resources, but it’s good to have something that will work alongside. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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