My Health Goals for 2016

My #Health Goals - How I aim to get healthier and fitter in the new year - An Island Family By Grace


I don’t tend to make New Year’s resolutions, but I have found it helpful since I re-started following the Trim Healthy Mama plan to have a goal to work towards. You can read last week’s post on how I am getting on so far here. Partly as accountability for myself, I decided to share my health goals for 2016 here.


As I mentioned last week, I have so far lost 14 pounds since July. I am not bothered that I have not lost the weight faster than that, as long as it is going in the right direction! In the coming year I would like to reach my original goal of 25 pounds (about 11.5 kg) to lose in total. I know that it is often said that goals must be time dependent, but I am happy to be going towards my goal gradually, rather than feeling under pressure to do it by a certain date, as I feel I have enough else going on!


I have talked before about making time for fitness, and for 2016, I am aiming to exercise consistently, i.e. at least 4 times a week. I will be continuing to record which days I am exercising in my household planner (I am using the Confident Mom planner again for 2016). Sadly my pedometer met its demise during the autumn, but I am now more confident that I can judge how active I have been on a particular day, having used the pedometer a fair bit for the first half of the year. I will continue to use the exercise videos that I got along with the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle that I bought in September. It is currently available for a flash sale until 29th December 2015. I would recommend it, having already used a large number of the resources from the bundle, and which I have actually been putting into practice in our lives.

Essential Oils and Herbs

I have used essential oils for many years, but mainly for things such a tea tree oil disinfectant in our nappy buckets, back when we used cloth nappies (diapers!), also as an air freshener in the bathroom, and as a fabric conditioner for our washing.

However, this year, I become more interested in using essential oils for treating minor ailments, and diffusing in the air. The Healthy Living Bundle I got included several resources on Essential Oils, my favourite one being The Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils e-book by Christine J. Dalziel of Joybilee Farm.

I was also able to listen to the free Essential Oils Revolution summit earlier on in the year, which was very informative for me, and probably what got me more interested in oils in the first place. There is another Essential Oils Revolution planned for 2016. It is evidence-based, and does not promote any particular brand of essential oils.

My goals for 2016 for using essential oils are therefore to practice and become confident using the 10 essential oils introduced in The Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils: lavender, lemon, peppermint, tea tree, rosemary, eucalyptus, marjoram, rose geranium, frankincense and myrhh. So far I have bought the first 6 oils from this list, and I will continue to add to them, as our budget allows! I would also like to learn more about herbal medicine, as I can actually grow the herbs myself!

Healthy Foods and Cooking

New foods we have been trying as a family this year have been sauerkraut, sourdough (with which we finally had success!), homemade custard (yes, who knew you could actually make custard without Bird’s powder or a tin of Ambrosia?!), and also recipes containing carob powder, which I had not tasted since my vegetarian days! In addition, we made our own buttermilk for the first time, began soaking grains overnight, and attempted to perfect our yoghurt making (we still don’t have that sorted yet- it often turns out with small lumps or is stringy).

Some goals I have for healthy foods and cooking in 2016 are to use a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables, some of which will hopefully be grown in our own garden. I would also like to learn how to make kombucha and kefir, and to try ‘canning’ our own food in glass jars for the first time.

I was encouraged to plan out our garden in a bit more detail by the replay of the Beyond Off Grid talks that I listened to this autumn, so I hope to grow a much wider variety of our own foods, in addition to the eggs and occasional meat our chickens have been providing. That is dependent on me not planting things out early enough for them to be beaten down by the hail again!

Do you have any healthy living goals for 2016?

Please share them below in a comment, and remember that if you would like to take advantage of the flash sale on the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, it is available until 29th December 2015.

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8 Comments on “My Health Goals for 2016

  1. Gwen, I have a free app on my phone which counts steps. I don’t think it is quite as accurate as a pedometer as apparently it works on GPS not steps but it is useful as a rough guide.
    sarahelisabeth recently posted…Joy at ChristmasMy Profile

    • That’s interesting Sarah. I don’t have a smartphone, but if I ever do ‘upgrade’, that would be a useful side benefit!

  2. I can only make homemade custard. Don’t ask me to ever make it out of a packet! I’m not sure why, because I follow the instructions to a tee, but packet custard/ Bird’s powder always turns out lumpy enough to hold a spoon up in or liquid enough to suck through a straw. Give me cream and eggs any day!!
    Just popping by to wish you a very happy new year!
    claire recently posted…Happy New Year!My Profile

    • LOL! I’m sure it could be used for some sort of science experiment! Happy New Year to you too Claire 🙂

    • Happy New Year Lexie! I am just starting to learn about essential oils for this really, and am really enjoying it too 🙂

  3. Thanks for mentioning the Confident Mom planner. I’m kind of running it alongside my usual plan and it has been an amazingly productive week. I think it is the fact that you can achieve things bitesize that makes the difference – alongside the fact that hubby has been home all week doing things too. But considering I was out with a nasty virus for a full week last week, so was beginning with low energy levels…only a week in and it is already looking good. 🙂

    • Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell Sandra 🙁 But sounds like you’ve bounced back with a very productive week! Glad the recommendation was helpful.

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