My Non Fiction Summer Reading List

5 Non Fiction Books for Summer Reading

I have to say that I am not one for reading much fiction. Sadly, I think doing English at university had a lot to do with this. Too much analysing and over analysing! I also find that I enjoy reading non-fiction books during the times when I am able to read, as I can use the time to learn things that I will actually put into practice in my life.

Having got back to reading again for a while now that the pregnancy sickness and nausea has worn off, I have managed to read some of the books that were on my list of what I’m reading this year, back in January. I have finished the devotional book Praying the Names of God, and I am now using a lined notebook to copy down passages of Scripture during my Bible times, and then make notes beside them, similar to the Journibles book I had on my reading list last year.

Here is the rest of my non fiction summer reading list:

  1.  Vitamins and Pregnancy: The Real Story, by Helen Saul Case. I heard about this book when Helen Saul Case was being interviewed for That Vitamin Summit, and as I am almost 29 weeks pregnant, I have found it very interesting and helpful. I will probably manage to finish it this week.5 Non Fiction Books for Summer Reading
  2.  The Charlotte Mason Companion, by Karen Andreola. I said in my Home Education Plans for 2015-2016 that I wanted to add in more Charlotte Mason inspired ideas to our homeschooling, and this book has been encouraging. One of the most encouraging elements of it for me has actually been about encouraging good character in our children, rather than any particular ‘educational method’. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on The Atmosphere of the Home. It is a big book, and I still have more than half of it left to read.5 Non Fiction Books for Summer Reading
  3.  Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less), by Angela England. In addition to my Polytunnel Book, I have been finding this book very helpful. It lets you know what can be grown in a particular space (we have half an acre rather than an acre), and she also has lots of experience with small livestock. We have chickens so far, so it has been helpful to read about other possibilities, although obviously we will be busy with our new baby in the mean time! Although it is written from a North American perspective, most of the principles still hold true for gardening in the UK.5 Non Fiction Books for Summer Reading
  4.  The Pregnancy Encyclopedia, edited by Dr. Chandrima Biswas. I had given away my mother and baby health book after our youngest daughter was past toddler age, so this spring I have been looking for a good pregnancy book. By good, I mean one that is informative and encouraging. I wanted a book about pregnancy which would talk about the different stages, without being negative about motherhood, or frankly, verging on pornographic, as some of the books I tried from the library were! I am not giving the book to my children to read, but I would at least like not to have to worry about it lying around! I have borrowed this one from the library and had it re-stamped repeatedly, as it is the most helpful one I have come across this time.5 Non Fiction Books for Summer Reading
  5.  Awakening: The Life & Ministry of Robert Murray McCheyne, by David Robertson. This biography is written by a Scottish minister, and  I have to confess that although we have children’s books about 19th century Scottish Christian Robert Murray McCheyne, I have never read about him for myself. I am therefore looking forward to reading this over the summer.5 Non Fiction Books for Summer Reading

I think five books will be enough to keep me going over the next 6 weeks or so that we are classing as our ‘summer holidays’, although we will be continuing with some light schoolwork.

Please let me know what you are reading this summer, and if you have any recommendations for non-fiction summer reading!

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6 Comments on “My Non Fiction Summer Reading List

  1. Sounds like you have quite the list! I agree with you in regards to the pregnancy books. I had borrowed some from my midwife a few years ago and o my word! I did not expect what I saw in there. There was tons of new age junk as well. Anyways, that book was hidden so my kids couldn’t stumble across it.

    • Yes, good idea. There is a difference between informative and unnecessary! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. That farming book looks interesting. I’m in a Charlotte Mason book club this summer because I’m hoping to do more Charlotte Mason ideas in our homeschool too.

    • Thanks, Alisha. Yes, I’m enjoying it. Ooh, a Charlotte Mason book club! I’d be interested to hear what you’re reading 🙂

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