Our Island Move – 18 Months On

Our Island Move - 18 Months On - #AnIslandFamilyByGrace

It is now 18 months since we made our island move, and it seems like a lot has happened in that space of time!

Essential Oils Revolution 2016

Firstly, my husband has completed a huge amount of renovation work on our house, mostly singlehandedly, but also with the help of some very generous friends at various times. At the moment, he is almost at the point of finishing off replacing the rest of our roof. This has taken longer than he hoped, mostly due to wet weather (no surprise there!), but the end is in sight for it.

Our Island Move - 18 Months On - An Island Family By Grace

How our house looked in spring last year (from a tree!)

Roof #Renovations - Our #Island Move - 18 Months On

The rotten sarking boards on the back of our roof, on an unusually dry day!

Anti-midge jacket roof repairs! Our Island Move 18 Months On - An Island Family By Grace

No, there hasn’t been some kind of invasion! This was my husband vacuuming the inside of the roof before installing the new insulation, whilst trying to avoid being bitten by midges!

Our #Island Move - 18 Months On ~ An Island Family By Grace

Almost done! The back of our roof is almost completed.

Our Island Move - 18 Months On } An Island Family By Grace

The front of the roof in progress- to the left you can see the roof we replaced last year.

Also this summer, the older sons of family friends of ours stayed with us for a week, and helped with all sorts of work, including fitting new double glazed windows. We have now replaced all the windows in the house other than our son’s bedroom and the kitchen window, as they were the ones which were sound, and were not rotten, like our daughters’ window, or single glazed, like our bedroom. No doubt this will be a great benefit by the time the winter storms kick in. Our friends also helped to install the woodburning stove in our new living room while they were here. Obviously we haven’t really needed to use it over the summer, other than testing it, and our main heating and hot water needs are covered by the large multifuel boiler stove in our dining room, but it will be nice to have it in the winter, particularly if there is a power cut.

Our Island Move - 18 Months On ~ An Island Family By Grace

The garden has been somewhat neglected again this year, obviously because my husband has been working hard on the house (and his job), and I am expecting our fifth baby! However, I have managed to grow some vegetables in our polytunnel, and I am looking forward to having more space in it next year, when we have the addition of the extra parts I had delivered to extend it. The courgettes have done the best, along with some lettuce, spinach, and bags of potatoes, however my peas, beans and tomatoes have not been quick to fruit, and I think I did not improve the soil enough before planting. The climbing strawberries are not fruiting, but I am looking forward to that next summer! When we are extending the tunnel, we will also raise the ground level a bit, as it has been flooded several times when we have had heavy rain.

Essential Oils Revolution 2016

Since we had a bit of excitement with disappearing chicks this spring, our chickens have been doing well. We had another batch of 5 chicks which hatched last weekend, so hopefully that means we will have more eggs being layed by next spring, particularly now that our son is selling more of them to his bread customers.

What have you been working on this year? Are you doing renovations, or working in your garden this summer? Please comment and let me know.

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4 Comments on “Our Island Move – 18 Months On

  1. It’s amazing what you have gotten done in that period of time. I’ve seen some wild gardens over the years with different periods of my life. So if it produced you did well! By the way I love your stove!

    Have a great day

    • Thanks Vickie 🙂 Yes, it is really due to all my husband’s hard work. Thanks for the gardening encouragement!

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