Sourdough Success!

Sourdough Bread Success ~ An Island Family By Grace

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As I had talked about in my last healthy living update, I had been looking for any recommendations that people might have for a sourdough recipe that would rise well.

We are still using the Easy Bread Recipe from Gwen’s Nest for pizza dough, which I like because it is literally a case of mixing the ingredients with a spoon in a glass jar, and it is Trim Healthy Mama friendly. However, we have now found that despite advice to the contrary, we can make a sourdough starter here, completely from scratch without added yeast!

I have had Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon on loan from the local library for a while- it is a big book, so I have renewed it a few times! A couple of weeks ago my son tried the sourdough starter recipe, and we can now say that we have had sourdough success!

The bread rose well after the starter was added, (the starter took a week to make, adding more flour each day), in fact it rose so well that I let the first batch over-rise when my son was out at a prayer meeting with my husband, and I was supposed to be in charge of it. Oops.

Successful #Sourdough


Frothing #Sourdough ~ An Island Family By Grace

We had used half the recipe given by Sally Fallon, (6 cups of flour instead of 12), and on the first occasion, our son split the dough between 2 bread tins. However, after my little over-rising experience, we have been using 3 tins, which seems to work better. The bread is good enough to use for sandwiches or toast, and our whole family is happy with the flavour.

I have not been eating a lot of this sourdough recipe myself, as I am still trying to lose weight with Trim Healthy Mama, however having read the e-book on Lactofermentation by Wardeh Harmon of Traditional Cooking School, which was included in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle which I bought a couple of months ago, we tried souring the dough overnight before baking. This makes the bread compatible with THM as an energising ‘E’ meal. You can see Wardeh’s sourdough recipe here. We used chapatti flour with wheat bran added in.

I am so pleased that we can now make true sourdough bread, (largely thanks to the effort of my son!), and also that we can add this to the ways our family saves money, due to having to buy less commercial yeast!

Sourdough Bread that Rises - An Island Family By Grace

Sourdough Pumpkin Seed Loaf

What about you? Have you had any recent cooking success with a recipe or type of food which you had not tried or mastered before? I would be interested to read your comments.

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26 Comments on “Sourdough Success!

  1. I haven’t made sourdough for a year or so but having read this, I think that I should have another go. We used rye flour and I liked the flavour.

  2. I love sourdough! I have tried making a lot of different things with sourdough, and have posted a few recipes on my blog. I’ve used whole wheat and it works really well, it doesn’t rise quite as high, but still tastes wonderful. Your sourdough bread looks amazing! Great job! 🙂

  3. Aren’t sourdough starters fun?? We had a gluten free starter last year & now that we’ve moved & settled into our new home, I’d like to begin another. Sourdough pancakes & crackers were my favorite!

    I found you at Titus 2 Tuesday!
    Heather recently posted…We Have A Baby!My Profile

    • Oh, we haven’t tried sourdough pancakes or crackers yet- they sound good! Thanks for your comment Heather 🙂

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  6. You live in Scotland! I really want to visit Scotland and the good news is with each feature at frugal Friday the person who was featured wins a visit from the hostess…hehehehe. Thanks for joining the fun and I am looking forward to trying your sour dough recipe! Blessings!! Kyle
    Kyle Suzanne recently posted…Frugal Friday {week 7}My Profile

    • Ha ha, thank you Kyle! Hope you enjoyed your visit, and get to visit Scotland for real some day 🙂

  7. What starter did you use? Did you buy from a website? Or get from a friend? And what kind/type of flour did you “feed” it everyday? And where did you get this flour? Our family is heading toward an all organic, Non-GMO diet and if I begin to make this I want the ingredients to be free from chemicals, etc. Thanks so much for your help!

    • Hi Danielle 🙂 We made the starter from scratch- mixed flour and water in a bowl, covered with a towel, and left in a warm place, adding one more cup each of flour and water each day. The natural yeasts on the flour or in the air did their job, and we didn’t have to buy anything special! Basically, we just followed the instructions from Nourishing Traditions, but used half the amounts when it came to baking the actual bread. Now that I’ve been doing it for a couple of months, I have been feeding it twice a day, as Wardeh Harmon recommends this as being better, and it means I will have enough for us (6 of us) to eat bread every day.

      As for flour, I used chapatti flour, (which is the cheapest flour I can get in bulk here at the moment), with a third cup of wheat bran and a third cup of wheatgerm added in. It is not as healthy as I’d like, but it is what I can afford at the moment.

      Phew, that was a lot, but I hope it helps you, and please let me know if you make the sourdough! It sounds like hassle, but once you’re in the habit of it, it’s fine. Of course I don’t have an 18 month old just now though! 🙂

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