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Our Island House and Garden Update 2017

This year my blog posts have been a lot fewer and farther between, mainly due to busy family life including a one year old! However, I wanted to give you a house and garden update for 2017. Since… Read More

Book Review of Teaching From Rest by Sarah MacKenzie

  This week my friend Alisha from Family Travel on a Shoestring has kindly written a guest post with her book review of Teaching From Rest by Sarah MacKenzie. Every once in a while a book comes along that truly… Read More

Book Review of Professionalizing Motherhood

I first heard of the book Professionalizing Motherhood, by Jill Savage, in a ‘vlog’ by Nikki of A Farmhouse Full. Jill Savage has written Professionalizing Motherhood as an encouragement for Christian mothers to see their role as a… Read More

Our Favourite Biographies for Reading Aloud

Since we started our 2016 – 2017 homeschooling year, we have been reading another of John Hudson Tiner’s Sowers series biographies of famous Christian scientists. Although I try to choose a variety of different genres of books for… Read More

Week 38 Pregnancy Update

Lest you think that I have disappeared, or actually had our baby yet, I thought I’d better give you a week 38 pregnancy update! We have been busy with my parents and my sister and her family staying nearby, followed… Read More

My Non Fiction Summer Reading List

I have to say that I am not one for reading much fiction. Sadly, I think doing English at university had a lot to do with this. Too much analysing and over analysing! I also find that I enjoy… Read More

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Unit Study

The children and I have just finished reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin together, and we have been so interested in it, and had so many good discussions, that I decided to do a unit study about it, for the… Read More

Book Review of Raising Real Men

I had wanted to read Raising Real Men, by Hal and Melanie Young, for a long time, and in January I finally added it to the books I am reading this year. Having read nothing for a couple… Read More

Ten Read Aloud Books for the Year

One of my favourite parts of homeschooling is reading aloud books together as a family. We have not been doing so much narration recently, however. This is where the children tell back or narrate what they heard or… Read More

10 Ways we Use History in Our Homeschool

  Image source: www.freeimages.co.uk Following on from my posts How We Use Art in Our Homeschool, and Homeschool Maths Resources, I wanted to write about how we ‘do’ history. In one sense, we don’t just ‘do’ history only as a standalone,… Read More

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