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Our Island House and Garden Update 2017

This year my blog posts have been a lot fewer and farther between, mainly due to busy family life including a one year old! However, I wanted to give you a house and garden update for 2017. Since… Read More

Our Spring Garden

One of my health goals for this year is to grow more food in our garden. Being pregnant has slowed this down a little, but we have still been germinating seedlings and planting them out in our polytunnel…. Read More

1 Year of An Island Family By Grace

  It is now 1 year since I started this blog! It seems hard to believe, but it will also soon be 1 year since we moved to the island, in the first week of February 2015. Since… Read More

We Have a Roof!

Well, it may be a bit unfair to call this post ‘we have a roof!’, as technically speaking, there was a roof on our house when we moved to the island, but here is what it looked like… Read More

Planting a Garden from Scratch: Update

In April, I wrote about how we are Planting a Garden from Scratch, and I thought I would now give a wee update on how things are going in that regard! Something I have definitely learned since then,… Read More

Spring Chickens and Flowering Things

  First off, I discovered I had not used good proofreading skills last week when I published my Bread Machine Naan Bread Recipe, and it was missing one of the ingredients! If you tried it and the dough… Read More

Planting a Garden From Scratch

Having just moved to our new home in February, we have had just about enough time to get settled in before spring! The weather for the first month we were here was very stormy (and wet!), and of… Read More

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