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Preparing for a Christ-Centred Easter

As a family, we look forward to celebrating Jesus rising from the grave, on Easter Sunday or what some people prefer to call Resurrection Sunday. Now, obviously as a Christian family, we worship Jesus Christ as our risen Lord… Read More

Preparing for Advent

Image (C) Guenter Zoufal | Dreamstime Stock Photos This post contains some affiliate links to Amazon. Shopping through them won’t cost you anything extra, but if you do buy something, our family will earn a few pence. I only link… Read More

Preparing Homemade Gifts in Advance

  As everyone in our family except me has an autumn or winter birthday, I have decided to start thinking now about gifts I could begin making for the ‘birthday season’. For the last few years, our family… Read More

Knitted Headbands

This post contains an affiliate link to Amazon. Shopping through it won’t cost you any more, but if you do buy something, our family will earn a few pence. Our 11 year old daughter recently came up with the idea… Read More

Beginner’s Sewing Project- Draught Excluder

* Warning- Experienced and Accomplished Seamstresses Look Away Now! * Let me begin by saying, I am not gifted in sewing. I will have a go, and I have been keen for a long time to make homemade… Read More

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