Tag: Difficult times

A Special Announcement!

I might as well ‘cut to the chase’ with my special announcement! My husband and I are expecting our 5th child! We are really pleased, and the children are all very excited! Our youngest daughter, who is 7… Read More

There is Always Hope

Are you feeling hopeless today? I want to encourage you that in Jesus Christ, there is always hope. Recently I have read several things that express hopelessness- that nothing in a situation could possibly change, or that there… Read More

8 Marriage Books that Give Hope

A Quick Fix? During the time that my husband lived apart form us, I read many books on marriage. Some were helpful and some were not. I knew that reading a particular book could not ‘wave a magic… Read More

When the Wheels Fall Off Your Life

An Island Family, By Grace Up until now, I have mentioned  that we are a family, by God’s grace, but I have not explained what I meant by this. In fact the reason that I chose the name An Island… Read More

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