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There is Always Hope

Are you feeling hopeless today? I want to encourage you that in Jesus Christ, there is always hope. Recently I have read several things that express hopelessness- that nothing in a situation could possibly change, or that there… Read More

How Can I Be a Missional Mum?

  I have to start this post with a confession. I have been a Christian since 1998. But until this year, I had never heard the word “missional”. ‘Mission’? Yes. ‘Missionary’? Yes. But, ‘Missional’? No. I first heard the… Read More

After I Became a Christian – My Testimony Part 2

This is the second of two posts that I have written about my testimony as a Christian, in the hope that it will be a blessing to others. If you would like to read How I Became a… Read More

How I Became a Christian- My Testimony Part 1

On the right hand sidebar of my blog, I introduce myself as a Christian. Today I wanted to write a post giving my testimony, or how I became a Christian, in the hope that it will be of… Read More

Book Review of Becoming a Titus 2 Woman

This post contains some affiliate links to Amazon. Shopping through them won’t cost you anything extra, but if you do buy something, our family will earn a few pence. I only link to products I have used and would recommend. I… Read More

10 Ways to Give on a Budget

This post contains an affiliate link to Amazon. Shopping through it won’t cost you any more, but if you do buy something, our family will earn a few pence. Several years ago, I was moved to make more of a concerted effort… Read More

40 Acts for Lent- Living Generously

I’m a day or two late here, but just found out from a friend about the ’40 acts’ challenge for lent, from Stewardship. It gives daily reflections and simple challenges to carry out each day to encourage us to… Read More

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