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Our Favourite Biographies for Reading Aloud

Since we started our 2016 – 2017 homeschooling year, we have been reading another of John Hudson Tiner’s Sowers series biographies of famous Christian scientists. Although I try to choose a variety of different genres of books for… Read More

Home Education Plans for 2016 – 2017

Next week we will start our new homeschooling year, so I have spent a bit of time over the last couple of weeks praying and thinking over our home education plans for 2016 – 2017. Priorities As our… Read More

Traditional Foods of Scotland

According to a quote from comedian Mike Myers, “most Scottish cuisine is based on a dare”. If you are squeamish about organ meats and offal, the quote could apply to our ‘national dish’, haggis. However, traditional Scottish foods… Read More

End of School Year Wrap Up 2015 – 2016

In my end of school year wrap up last year, I was looking forward to using our house more fully for homeschooling, after a year of selling our house, and then moving to the island. Unit Study This… Read More

DVDs for History in Our Homeschool

I have talked before about how we study history in our homeschool, and one of those ways is through watching quality history DVDs. Drive Thru History I have just recently bought the Ancient History series from Drive Thru… Read More

10 Outdoor Homeschool Activities

We started our usual homeschooling routine last week after our Easter break, and thankfully I am beginning to feel slightly better, although the pregnancy nausea is still there. We have had much more settled weather recently, and we… Read More

Shakespeare Week Activities

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust publicises Shakespeare Week each year in March, and in 2016 it runs from 14th to 20th March. We first found out about this from Sarah of Delivering Grace, and it has been something that the children and… Read More

Preparing for a Christ-Centred Easter

As a family, we look forward to celebrating Jesus rising from the grave, on Easter Sunday or what some people prefer to call Resurrection Sunday. Now, obviously as a Christian family, we worship Jesus Christ as our risen Lord… Read More

Ten Read Aloud Books for the Year

One of my favourite parts of homeschooling is reading aloud books together as a family. We have not been doing so much narration recently, however. This is where the children tell back or narrate what they heard or… Read More

10 Ways we Use History in Our Homeschool

  Image source: www.freeimages.co.uk Following on from my posts How We Use Art in Our Homeschool, and Homeschool Maths Resources, I wanted to write about how we ‘do’ history. In one sense, we don’t just ‘do’ history only as a standalone,… Read More

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