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Dad’s Worksheets Review

Since our baby daughter was born last September, I have been trying to stick to our usual routine of homeschooling as much as possible, to make things simple. Our routine has to be flexible, but it lets everyone know… Read More

Homemade Toiletries- My First Attempts

One of our reasons for moving to the island last year was to become more self-sufficient. It took me a while, but in January this year I finally got round to making more of my own homemade toiletries. Whether this… Read More

5 More Ways Our Family Saves Money

Image source: www.freeimages.co.uk Following on from my Ways Our Family Saves Money post, I thought I would share 5 more ways our family saves money. We do not the buy the cheapest possible versions of everything we possibly… Read More

Sourdough Success!

Thank you to everyone who entered my Simple Gifts Book Giveaway over the past week. The winner  has been notified by email, and the book will soon be winging its way there! As I had talked about in… Read More

Beginner’s Sewing Project: Oven Gloves

    Having burnt my arm twice in the past fortnight while taking things out of the oven, now seemed like a good time to make some new oven gloves! I have made a glove for using with… Read More

Preparing Homemade Gifts in Advance

  As everyone in our family except me has an autumn or winter birthday, I have decided to start thinking now about gifts I could begin making for the ‘birthday season’. For the last few years, our family… Read More

Friday Night Chicken Curry with Onion Bhajis Recipe

  Having previously posted my Bread Machine Naan Bread Recipe, I had a request for a recipe for the curry we eat with our naan bread. I thought that I would include a recipe for Onion Bhajis, which… Read More

Beginner’s Sewing Project – Wash Bag

I will start this post with the same disclaimer I used in my Beginner’s Sewing Project – Draught Excluder post: Warning- Experienced and Accomplished Seamstresses Look Away Now! As I mentioned then, I do not have a gift… Read More

Bread Machine Naan Bread Recipe

Friday night is date night for my husband and me, and usually I will make a curry for both of us. We did often enjoy getting take away from our local kebab shop near our previous house, which… Read More

Cheddar Cheese Bread Machine Pizza Recipe

This is our family’s favourite pizza recipe, which I have adapted from various pizza recipes that we have come across over the years. We often it have on a Saturday for our ‘family movie night’, and it is… Read More

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