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Traditional Foods of Scotland

According to a quote from comedian Mike Myers, “most Scottish cuisine is based on a dare”. If you are squeamish about organ meats and offal, the quote could apply to our ‘national dish’, haggis. However, traditional Scottish foods… Read More

10 Ways we Use History in Our Homeschool

  Image source: www.freeimages.co.uk Following on from my posts How We Use Art in Our Homeschool, and Homeschool Maths Resources, I wanted to write about how we ‘do’ history. In one sense, we don’t just ‘do’ history only as a standalone,… Read More

Martin Luther Lapbooks

This post includes an affiliate link to Amazon. It does not cost you any more to shop through this link, but if you do, our family will earn a few pence. Thank you!   We have been using… Read More

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