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Our Island House and Garden Update 2017

This year my blog posts have been a lot fewer and farther between, mainly due to busy family life including a one year old! However, I wanted to give you a house and garden update for 2017. Since… Read More

Week 38 Pregnancy Update

Lest you think that I have disappeared, or actually had our baby yet, I thought I’d better give you a week 38 pregnancy update! We have been busy with my parents and my sister and her family staying nearby, followed… Read More

Our Island Move – 18 Months On

It is now 18 months since we made our island move, and it seems like a lot has happened in that space of time! Firstly, my husband has completed a huge amount of renovation work on our house, mostly… Read More

Blessings of Island Life

In the past month, I think it could be safe to say that we have had more dry, sunny days than we had in the whole of 2015. The weather and the scenery have been really beautiful and… Read More

Our New Room

In my post 1 Year of An Island Family By Grace, I talked about the progress on our new room, which had been the dining room before we bought the house, but turned out to have a dry… Read More

Our Spring Garden

One of my health goals for this year is to grow more food in our garden. Being pregnant has slowed this down a little, but we have still been germinating seedlings and planting them out in our polytunnel…. Read More

1 Year of An Island Family By Grace

  It is now 1 year since I started this blog! It seems hard to believe, but it will also soon be 1 year since we moved to the island, in the first week of February 2015. Since… Read More

Frugal, Screen Free, Bad Weather Activities

Given that we chose to move to a Hebridean island, I have no excuse to complain about the weather! However, it is a fact that it is stormy and wet here during the winter much more than the… Read More

We Have a Roof!

Well, it may be a bit unfair to call this post ‘we have a roof!’, as technically speaking, there was a roof on our house when we moved to the island, but here is what it looked like… Read More

Our Island Move: 6 Month Update

  It is now just over 6 months since Our Big Move to the Scottish Hebrides islands, so I thought it was time to give an update on how we are getting on. After a very stormy and… Read More

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