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Our Baby at 5 Weeks Old!

It is hard to believe it, but here is a picture of our baby at 5 weeks old! The month has flown past, and our family is really enjoying getting to know our new little girl. Obviously I am… Read More

It’s a Girl!

My husband and I are delighted to announce that our fifth baby, a beautiful girl, was born last week! She was 7 pounds 14 ounces, and we are both very healthy. We are so thankful to God that… Read More

Week 38 Pregnancy Update

Lest you think that I have disappeared, or actually had our baby yet, I thought I’d better give you a week 38 pregnancy update! We have been busy with my parents and my sister and her family staying nearby, followed… Read More

Our Island Move – 18 Months On

It is now 18 months since we made our island move, and it seems like a lot has happened in that space of time! Firstly, my husband has completed a huge amount of renovation work on our house, mostly… Read More

Week 30 Pregnancy Update

I am glad to say that since my last pregnancy update at 21 and a half weeks, other than one episode, I have completely got over my ‘morning’ sickness! I was beginning to feel better then, and now I… Read More

Week 21 Pregnancy Update

I am now about 21 and a half weeks pregnant with our 5th baby, and thought I would give a week 21 pregnancy update on how things are going! I am very thankful to say that I have… Read More

Health Goals 2016 April Update

As I said in my special announcement last week, my husband and I are currently expecting our 5th baby. I am 15 weeks pregnant, and still feeling very nauseated, but I thought I would give an update on… Read More

A Special Announcement!

I might as well ‘cut to the chase’ with my special announcement! My husband and I are expecting our 5th child! We are really pleased, and the children are all very excited! Our youngest daughter, who is 7… Read More

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