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Traditional Foods of Scotland

According to a quote from comedian Mike Myers, “most Scottish cuisine is based on a dare”. If you are squeamish about organ meats and offal, the quote could apply to our ‘national dish’, haggis. However, traditional Scottish foods… Read More

1 Year of An Island Family By Grace

  It is now 1 year since I started this blog! It seems hard to believe, but it will also soon be 1 year since we moved to the island, in the first week of February 2015. Since… Read More

Easy Scottish Oatcakes Recipe

  While I am working at getting back on the healthy eating wagon, my family continue to enjoy meals that have become favourites for us. A lunch that they really enjoy from time to time is some cheddar or… Read More

Planting a Garden from Scratch: Update

In April, I wrote about how we are Planting a Garden from Scratch, and I thought I would now give a wee update on how things are going in that regard! Something I have definitely learned since then,… Read More

Planting a Garden From Scratch

Having just moved to our new home in February, we have had just about enough time to get settled in before spring! The weather for the first month we were here was very stormy (and wet!), and of… Read More

Home Education in Scotland

 This post contains some affiliate links. Shopping through them won’t cost you any more, but if you buy something, our family will earn a few pence. We have been home educating (homeschooling), since 2007 when our eldest child… Read More

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