THM: Getting Back on the Healthy Eating Wagon

THM: Getting Back on the #Healthy #Eating Wagon

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Having lost a lot of weight during a very difficult time our lives, to the point that I was unhealthy, I have put it all back on, plus extra, since the reconciliation of our family. I have never been one for diets, and although I was not super-skinny when I was younger, I was never very overweight either.

However, it now seems that it is easier for me to put weight on, than to take it off. I have talked before about how I try to make time for fitness, and how Dr. Laura Corio’s book The Change Before the Change: Everything You Need to Know to Stay Healthy in the Decade Before Menopause had inspired me to make changes, to look after my health for the long term. Now that we have had a good five months to settle in following moving house, I am now realising that I need to do something about my commitment to improve my health, that will actually last this time!

I bought Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison’s book Trim Healthy Mama in April 2013, on the recommendation of a good friend, and after seeing it reviewed online. Although it took me some to get through, being over 600 pages long, I liked the fact that Trim Healthy Mama (THM) addresses not just diet, but also exercise and hormonal issues. If you have not read Trim Healthy Mama yourself, it is not a low-carb diet, as this Trim Healthy Mama Refresher post at Raising Arrows explains, but rather seeks to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels by helping your body to burn only one type of ‘fuel’ at a time, i.e. fats or carbohydrates on their own (alongside a quality source of protein).

The first year I followed THM, I did lose weight. However, in 2014, and particularly in the last 8 months since we moved house, I have been putting it back on. I do not believe this is due to the Trim Healthy Mama plan itself, as it is more of a lifestyle change than an on-again, off-again diet. Rather, I have to face the sad fact that I have not been consistent or committed about really changing my lifestyle. Although the disruption of our house move possibly contributed to me ‘falling off the wagon’ with regards to my eating habits, I am still responsible for my actions!

One of the mistakes I think I made with Trim Healthy Mama when I started off with it, was that I did not try out all the recipes in the book. For example, I am still yet to try a green smoothie, or get round to making sourdough bread. This is mainly due to laziness on  my part, as I already have a routine of making ‘normal’ bread. Obviously there are over 200 pages of recipes in THM, so it would not be possible to try them all out immediately, but I quickly got into a rut of having the same things all the time, which becomes off-putting eventually. This time I hope to eat a wider variety of THM recipes, look for THM versions of meals we already eat as a family, and I have even found an easy to make sourdough bread recipe for us to try. THM: Getting Back on the #Healthy #Eating Wagon ~ An Island Family By Grace As you can see, my copy of Trim Healthy Mama is well-used, but not very well bookmarked. I intend to follow the lead of Amy Roberts from Raising Arrows in this post in flagging my THM book using post it tabs to make finding recipes easier. I hope this will again help in avoiding the problem of using the same recipes all the time.

Another way I want to do things differently this time is to make use of the many free online THM compatible recipes and resources there are, and also the encouragement of others on a similar path. At the moment I do not have extra money for fancy ingredients such as glucomannan or whey powder, so I will be using frugal THM articles such as Working at Homeschool’s Cheap Healthy Meal Plan for THM and Sheri Graham’s wealth of THM recipes and posts. I do continue to buy xylitol (rather than Truvia), from Tesco and Amazon, to replace sugar in my diet.

One of the things that works for me in terms of motivation, is to mark things down on my household planner, such as how many steps I’ve done that day, or what type of exercise I did. I am starting to do this for THM, to show myself how many days each week I am staying ‘on plan’. I am not keeping this as a legalistic rule- I still want to enjoy Friday night curry with my husband, or to eat the same thing everyone else is having on special occasions, without thinking I’ve ‘failed’.

Another thing I have done this time is to set myself a ‘goal weight’. I have never done this before, but I feel this will give me something to work towards, that is measurable, and that I can mark off ‘milestones’ along the way. I have used the form at the back of the excellent all new Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start Guide which is available to download for free at Gwen’s Nest (not this Gwen, but the one who set up the first THM Facebook group!) I have noted my current weight and measurements, and my goal weight, but I will not be aiming to reach my goal weight by a particular date.

Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start Guide from Gwen's Nest - THM: Getting Back on the #Healthy #Eating Wagon ~ An Island Family By Grace

Unfortunately the fitness class I had been going to at the local village hall is off at the moment due to lack of numbers, so I need to be a bit more self-motivated in terms of making time to exercise often enough during the week. I plan to continue using short bursts of exercise in between different activities I am doing, for example using my skipping ropes, and using my The Core Programme and T-Tapp books a couple of evenings a week each.

Anyway, this seems like a lot, but I hope that blogging about my renewed commitment to eat healthily and exercise more will be an additional way of keeping accountable and helping me to get it done.

As an end note, I have seen that Pearl and Serene are publishing a new, updated book, Trim Healthy Mama Plan in September, which will include additional recent research. It is also cheaper than the original book, at £12.69 for the paperback and £12.06 for the Kindle version.

Are you currently trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle? Please let me know in a comment what you are doing and how it is going.

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10 Comments on “THM: Getting Back on the Healthy Eating Wagon

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Good Morning Mondays. I am finding that the older I get the harder it is to loose weight, but I still think a well balanced diet and exercise is the key. Blessings to you and your family. Xxxx
    Terri Presser recently posted…GOOD MORNING MONDAYS #38My Profile

    • Thank you Terri, I agree with you about a balanced diet and exercise. Now all I need to do is be consistent about it!

    • Thank you Sarah, I’m glad it was helpful! Yes, it is definitely difficult to make time for (or remember to make time for!) being healthy. Thank you for featuring my post 🙂

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